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Abuse by Credit: The Problem of Coerced Debt in Texas

One in three adult Texans has experienced family violence.  In 2016, Texas family violence programs received 172,573 hotline calls, and in the following year, 136 Texas women were killed by intimate partners. Though domestic violence is commonly characterized by physical and emotional abuse, economic abuse has gained increasing recognition as a prevalent and serious mechanismContinue reading “Abuse by Credit: The Problem of Coerced Debt in Texas”


Driven by Debt

Julie’s license troubles started in 2011, when she got a ticket for letting her car insurance lapse. Despite being a single mother with tight finances, Julie got insurance and saved up to pay off the ticket in 2013. But in 2017, she was pulled over again. Julie was shocked when the officer told her thatContinue reading “Driven by Debt”


Out of Alignment

Female motorists in Texas with perfect driving records often pay significantly more for auto insurance than male motorists with identical driving records and other characteristics that insurers use to price auto insurance, according to Texas Appleseed’s research. Testing also found companies use added pricing penalties based on marital status, with unmarried women paying the highestContinue reading “Out of Alignment”

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